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Need a Co-Leader for a brand new GB team

Looking for a Co-Leader to V4Vendetta (Xbox 360). Must be over the age of 18 and have a little experience in GB. Must have a headset. Will choose a leader based on gameplay style, ideas they might have for the clan, and overall knowledge of how GB is played. I personally haven't played GB since Black Ops, but generally the rules are similar.

I want to have a 6 man team, with two leaders. There will be no mass recruitment. The way I have managed teams in the past is that we actually make plans on what to do for each map and each mode that is on GB's playlist. If you are relatively new to GB, you'll know that chances are high winning isn't going to happen if we simply "run and gun" and new teams generally do not do well (remakes do better).

Filling in an application is a part of the vetting process. Past that, if I like the way you handle yourself and play, I will ask you to take charge of the site with me and help in handling practices and when to play GB games. Understand that I need you as much as you need me. If at anytime I feel that you are not putting the right amount of effort or time in, I will ask if you would like to still be a part of the team. If I cannot put enough time in for whatever reason, I will ask you to take over the team and step down. 2 practices and 1 day to play GB games is what I ask for. More will be spoken when we actually meet on Xbox Live.

I have made the team website already and put the basic foundation in place for the team. Here is exactly what you need to do:

1) Reply to this post so that I can see your tag (just for the record).
2) Go to:
3) Register for our team site.
4) Fill out recruitment form.

After that I will send you a message on Xbox Live asking what time and date you would like to meet up. The tryout should only last at most thirty minutes, where I will ask you certain things and see if you are good for the team.

Note: This is a fresh new team, and I use to play GB with Black Ops, but this is my first time on MW3. If you already have a seasoned record for MW3, then chances are high you won't want to go through the process of making a new team. I am most likely noobish for MW3 GB, but I know I'm good enough to play on GB and at least be decent.

My Xbox 360 account if you want to check me out (just send a friend request): reidloS doG

Any questions please leave in the comments.

*edit* Pacific Standard Time zone required in order to be on team (west coast time zone).

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Seeing if this even posted.
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