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GB Rank (2007-2011) Leaderboard

  • Who: All Major League Gaming members who participated in match from 2007 to 2011 have a GB Rank.

  • What: GB Rank was our old ranking system that showcased a users individual skill based on competition from our gaming arenas. You would earn GB Rank from winning matches on an arena. All Arena rank was compiled together to form your overall GB Rank. MLG Rank replaced this system in 2011.

  • How: Your GB Rank was gained and lost based on wins/losses in a specific arena. If you won matches, your rank went up, and if you lost matches, your rank went down.

  • Where: Your GB Rank displays on your GB Profile and on this GB Rank Leaderboard.

Player Rankings

GB Rank Name XP Gender State Country Twitter
1st BeZo 513,922MNJUS
2nd eMeR1CaH 408,349M-UK
3rd Dobberman15 400,858MOHUS-
- 381,588----
5th -Ston3r- 364,570MFLUS-
6th TriiKz7aH 355,122M-UK-
7th Assassino94 345,222M-IT-
8th NkMiLLS 334,964MMIUS-
9th iMHarvey 316,102MNYUS-
10th GETTHAT 297,183MFLUS
11th valtsuk 291,555M-UK-
- 291,121----
13th --H 289,369M-UK-
14th erpuzzetta 283,314M-IT-
- BaNiiSH 279,178MNJUS
16th TaSsAl 273,453M-UK-
17th -melon 271,261MNJUS-
18th Just_In_Style 270,272MMIUS-
19th ReKd-_08-08 268,608MOHUS-
20th LLTaTiCsxX 267,012M-UK-
21st Gwayyy 266,999MLAUS-
22nd -PoiZzoN- 266,414MCAUS
23rd -acXenT- 266,370MABUS-
24th Lloyderrz 266,079M-UK-
25th xMcCoyyy 265,253MCAUS-
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