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  • Who: All members who have made at least one post in the GameBattles Forums.

  • How: Positively contribute to forum discussions, and see your post count rise.

  • Where: Forum post count is displayed on your GameBattles Profile as well as within the Forums.

Forum Post Leaderboard

Rank Name Posts Gender State Country Twitter
1st hugecool36,042M-NL-
2nd Randomology27,090MPAUS-
3rd 0dessa26,620FCAUS-
4th BrianZito26,071MCAUS-
5th Sneakier25,872M-VE-
6th xximeR24,833MTXUS-
7th Jinxes-24,560MILUS
8th BLiTZ24,170MOHUS-
9th Mudbloood23,841M-US
10th chucckstarr22,438MNYUS-
11th KushxOJJ22,391MOHUS-
12th --Random21,852MPAUS-
13th EpidemiKKK21,104MONCA-
14th deejaygamble20,433MONCA
15th chaosTheory19,152MCAUS-
16th INE_xReason18,946MCAUS-
17th -Void18,940MCAUS-
18th Zyphur18,570MONCA-
19th CyReN18,564MMIUS-
20th Legolas7108818,559MMIUS-
21st -SpinneR-18,428MMIUS-
22nd gporter18,349MFLUS-
24th PuffyPuffy17,922MFLUS-
25th Bling17,103M-US-
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