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  • Who: All Major League Gaming members have an MLG Rank.

  • What: MLG Rank shows how you stack up against other players on GameBattles. It is calculated utilizing our Elo ranking system, which is designed to calculate rank in a balanced and competitive manner to help determine who the best players are in each arena. MLG Rank is determined on an arena-basis, so you will gain an MLG Rank independently on each arena that you compete on. Then, MLG Rank is compiled from all arenas to determine where you stand globally.

  • How: Your MLG Rank is gained and lost based on the skill level of the other players you are competing against in a specific arena. If you win against players who have an overall higher arena MLG Rank than you, you would gain more points than winning against players who have an equal or lower arena MLG Rank.

  • Where: MLG Rank displays in the following locations: your gamercard, GB Profile, MLG Profile, Team Roster Pages, Free Agent Pages, and the MLG Rank Leaderboards.

Player Rankings - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (PlayStation 4)

Arena MLG Name Points State Country Twitter
170376th iMakePlayzzz8 0.0-DE-
170377th mitch99archer 0.0ONCA-
170378th Bolster0661 0.0-GB-
170379th Pure_NA 0.0CAUS-
170380th enesmith_187 0.0ALUS-
170381st Qc_MotherGoose 0.0NYUS-
170382nd ZaykTheMonster 0.0-FR-
170383rd rabocop144 0.0-ES-
170384th Adamf212 0.0-GB-
170385th TCM-BORED 0.0-FR-
170386th Tylergunny1356 0.0OHUS-
170387th santosssan1 0.0-CZ-
170388th D3aDsH0t1 0.0TXUS-
170389th zRaPidFire441 0.0-IT-
170390th Junkskat 0.0TXUS-
170391st Scrappy50 0.0OHUS-
170392nd filippo1035 0.0-IT-
170393rd RowTheBoat_24 0.0WIUS-
170394th MulaHitsBillz 0.0ALUS-
170395th TBEGold 0.0NCUS-
170396th Hulcq 0.0GAUS-
170397th YoupTube 0.0-NL-
170398th MVV7 0.0-DE-
170399th Philipp_lx 0.0-AF-
170400th yVanity1 0.0-DE-
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