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Monday, December 17th 2018, 05:00 AM
New Support Categories

In order to provide a more efficient support experience, we have implemented a number of additional support ticket categories. These categories cover a number of topics as follows;

  • Arena: Second Opinion
    • To disagree with a call made on your Premium Match, please use this category.
  • Report: CMRS Cheating
    • To report a team cheating/abusing the Non Premium CMRS System, please use this category
  • Report: IP Flooding (DDoS, Host Booting)
    • To report a team you believe is guilty of IP Flooding, please use this category.
  • Report: Pro Points Underage
    • To report an underage user playing on an Age Restricted Ladder, please use this category

We are continually reviewing our support policies in order to provide the best experience possible for you. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, let us know in the GameBattles Discord Server!

Connect with MLG

Wins Leaderboard

  • Who: All Major League Gaming members who have played 1 match will show on the Wins Leaderboard.

  • What: The Wins Leaderboard shows who has the most wins on the website. This leaderboard also shows each users Win %.

  • How: Wins are tracked by selecting players for a match. Every time a match is played, each team has to select who is in the match. The winning team will get a +1 in the wins column, while the losing team will get a +1 in the loss column. The win % is a calculation of wins against total matches that have been played, which results in the win percentage for a specific user.

  • Where: Personal wins and losses are displayed on profiles. A total overall record, and an arena breakdown are shown. These two features can be hidden via the edit preferences page.

Player Rankings - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (PlayStation 4)

Wins Rank Name Wins Losses Win % State Country Twitter
26th Seannyy_COD1,03927079.37 %-GB-
27th TommeyJT1,0388892.18 %NVUS
28th SamBaldy1,03612689.16 %-GB
29th taylorcurtis221,03047168.62 %MIUS
30th NLx081,02960562.97 %OKUS
31st yHydro1,02021582.59 %CAUS-
32nd iodatswhy1,0117892.84 %MIUS-
33rd Fanatic-Phantom98225479.45 %NMUS-
34th MeSaNei98039071.53 %-FR-
35th DlZBOT95413787.44 %-GB-
36th Party_Everyday12345694663559.84 %ILUS-
37th tripleasassin94440769.87 %TXUS
38th zBynamic9432497.52 %-DE
39th simplyKamo94117784.17 %-DE-
40th ZeO-MentOS793529775.89 %-GB
41st EdenJM93318983.16 %-GB-
42nd NiZZaYe92722780.33 %NYUS
43rd SnDraMa92211788.74 %CAUS
44th AmazingKicks9192897.04 %FLUS
45th MxSsFrXzZy91043967.46 %CAUS
46th KERONECTO91011089.22 %-FR
47th DR_EAL90618283.27 %-GB
48th Nevify-90329675.31 %ONCA
49th wuskn9034195.66 %NVUS-
50th amnesiiique89546565.81 %-FR-
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