Call of Duty: World War 2 Alert
Wednesday, September 5th 2018, 05:00 PM
Summer 2018 Playoff Details Revealed!

Roster Lock will go into effect September 16th at 12:00 AM ET

All rosters must be finalized by this point and no changes are permitted after this point

Making a roster change will void your playoff eligiblity

Dates for the Call of Duty: World War 2 PS4 Summer 2018 Playoffs have been announced!

The Top 16 eligible teams will battle it out to be crowned the winner of the Summer 2018 season on GameBattles.

Rosters will lock on September 16th @ 12:00 AM ET

Playoffs Sizes/Dates are Subject to Change (All Times in U.S. ET)
Team (NA) 4v4 16 Single Elim October 5th 5:00 PM
Doubles (NA) 2v2 16 Single Elim October 6th 5:00 PM
Singles (NA) 1v1 16 Single Elim October 7th 5:00 PM
Team (EU) 4v4 16 Single Elim October 5th 1:00 PM
Doubles (EU) 2v2 16 Single Elim October 6th 1:00 PM
Singles (EU) 1v1 16 Single Elim October 7th 1:00 PM

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Player Rankings - Call of Duty: World War 2 (PlayStation 4)

Wins Rank Name Wins Losses Win % State Country Twitter
26th LewTee11,38811292.53 %-GB
27th Killer_17931,37372365.51 %CTUS
28th lWrecked1,3731,10155.50 %MHUS-
29th AV01,36214990.14 %-GB
30th RRicker1,3577294.96 %ILUS
31st zlKuZ1,35570265.87 %ONCA
32nd aFFLiiCTioNz1,35368566.39 %GAUS-
33rd DamonCCrow1,34191559.44 %MNUS
34th idgaFilmable1,33358969.35 %FLUS-
35th Niksazg1,32726483.41 %-HR
36th Walght1,30669765.20 %NYUS
37th RavenOSP1,30638877.10 %CAUS-
38th CHgoaliez1,30537077.91 %NJUS
39th ZlReBroN1,30465066.73 %ONCA-
40th Beehzy_1,30343475.01 %ONCA
41st CeeZuuR1,3031,03655.71 %WVUS
42nd funnymonkey199661,3001,25950.80 %NYUS-
43rd JumpShotJoey1,2994496.72 %NVUS-
44th Early_Preview1,2921,18752.12 %WIUS
45th JCement1,2868693.73 %-GB
46th ZookGG1,28364666.51 %NJUS
47th luciano-8881,28317188.24 %-DE-
48th Stamino1,28286559.71 %NJUS-
49th BadRobots1,27380261.35 %NVUS
50th RobbieB33191,27361667.39 %NJUS
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