Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Alert
Thursday, November 15th 2018, 08:45 PM
CWL Ruleset Updates

When setting up the custom lobby, the CWL Variant gamemode MUST be used. For example, select "CWL Variant Search & Destroy" instead of "Search & Destroy". Selecting the CWL Variant gamemode changes how certain weapons and specialists work. For more details, please read the complete list of changes here

CWL Ruleset Changes: 

Maps removed:

  • Hardpoint: Contraband, Summit, Slums
  • Search & Destroy: Firing Range, Seaside
  • Control: Payload, Seaside

The following are no longer restricted in CWL:

  • Sensor dart
  • Torque
  • Hellion Salvo

New Setting Added: 

  • Control
    • Teamkill/Suicide Reduces Lives: Enabled

Setting Altered:

  • All gamemodes
    • Select Spawn: Disabled 

These changes are effective 11/15 @ 9 PM ET.

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Player Rankings - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (Xbox One)

Arena MLG Name Points State Country Twitter
51st ThomasLays 1,381.9-FR
52nd QRMI 1,366.1-DE-
53rd qtShoo 1,365.2MEUS
54th Sarksta 1,362.7-GB-
55th Caiin- 1,361.9WVUS-
56th IrishAfro97 1,359.3ALUS-
57th IIIEvstahh 1,353.4ILUS-
58th Im_Tyga 1,324.9NYUS
59th kennedykrew2 1,324.6MOUS-
60th qConexy 1,323.3ABCA-
61st Weps 1,318.4PAUS-
62nd Milllzzz- 1,315.8PAUS-
63rd Plumb_ 1,312.4ILUS
64th Eldridge212 1,305.1AKUS
65th RRelife 1,304.0FLUS-
66th Acrimonys 1,302.5GAUS-
67th Advihl 1,297.5WVUS-
68th -FA 1,296.7-GB-
69th Dill_sG 1,296.4CAUS
70th Schlinky4488 1,289.8MSUS
71st MLGFifax 1,286.6CAUS-
72nd Grizx 1,284.5NCUS-
73rd Clinicalities-- 1,281.6INUS-
74th dlaV 1,278.3GAUS
75th xPrestains 1,274.4MOUS
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