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  • Who: All Major League Gaming members who have played 1 match will show on the Wins Leaderboard.

  • What: The Wins Leaderboard shows who has the most wins on the website. This leaderboard also shows each users Win %.

  • How: Wins are tracked by selecting players for a match. Every time a match is played, each team has to select who is in the match. The winning team will get a +1 in the wins column, while the losing team will get a +1 in the loss column. The win % is a calculation of wins against total matches that have been played, which results in the win percentage for a specific user.

  • Where: Personal wins and losses are displayed on profiles. A total overall record, and an arena breakdown are shown. These two features can be hidden via the edit preferences page.

Player Rankings - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Xbox One)

Wins Rank Name Wins Losses Win % Gender State Country Twitter
1st SHiZZZZZAP1,41669067.24 %MPAUS
2nd KiD_HiTMaN1,00513688.08 %MNYUS-
3rd BeZo9800100.00 %MNJUS
4th IThomas_n97036272.82 %MFLUS-
5th 1m1cahizawesome87811488.51 %MTXUS
6th TaBDOut80845963.77 %M-SE-
7th Ajallday_1679017781.70 %MCAUS
8th Gamzh76012885.59 %M-GB
9th oGHeisman74616781.71 %MOHUS
10th zIDEANz73813484.63 %M-GB-
11th felony_ganggang73616481.78 %MTXUS
12th EvoL_Nades73221877.05 %MFLUS-
13th FALSE_GOD73026473.44 %MMNUS
14th Ricktorres2771212884.76 %MCAUS
15th sScotch71213883.76 %MILUS
16th Jbetts0070610087.59 %M-GB-
17th MLGBlazer_2369930469.69 %MNCUS-
18th Aveauh67517579.41 %MMNUS
19th EpicxSnipez67313083.81 %MVAUS-
20th I_2_K_Y66923574.00 %MILUS
21st itsssNEZQUIK66717379.40 %MCAUS-
22nd DG-Stylz66622674.66 %M-GB
23rd ScRuBShAkE66134066.03 %MOHUS-
24th OIIIO63430867.30 %MOHUS-
25th NEW_START_201662817578.21 %M-GB
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