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Wednesday, April 18th 2018, 05:15 PM
Winter 2018 Playoff Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the GameBattles Winter 2018 Playoffs!

Winter 2018 Playoff Winners
Team (NA)  zDestitutes Children   ^0Nightmare Black
Doubles (NA)  Ximbo Swipes  ^4Neon
Singles (NA)  hunt  hjasdldhja
Team (EU)  LF1 For Respawn   ^9Bullseye
Doubles (EU)  We Turned Back  Dubs EU V2
Singles (EU)  Eyyy Mannen  NOT GOOD ENOUGH

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Player Rankings - Call of Duty: World War 2 (Xbox One)

Arena MLG Name Points State Country Twitter
116651st ThaFocusHD_ 0.0ALUS-
116652nd zeke504 0.0CTUS-
116653rd Laxky 0.0TXUS-
116654th Killtacc 0.0TXUS-
116655th VikSak 0.0ALUS-
116656th ArtGamer29 0.0-MX
116657th themacanator 0.0ARUS-
116658th SparkyX 0.0OKUS-
116659th chango123 0.0-MX-
116660th WaxLC 0.0FLUS-
116661st Carson987654321 0.0KYUS-
116662nd Swarm_Slicer 0.0-GB-
116663rd PR3DxZOMBIEx 0.0LAUS-
116664th TAAshton 0.0-GB-
116665th RogersEU 0.0-GB-
116666th jdxi 0.0-GB-
116667th FifouIShoot3rx 0.0-FR-
116668th ftballfan98 0.0IAUS-
116669th INuuLs_v 0.0-MX-
116670th MNcatSZ 0.0MNUS-
116671st HectorBrown 0.0FLUS-
116672nd BananaBomb23 0.0-FI-
116673rd Huzels 0.0KSUS
116674th AlexGustavo17 0.0-MX-
116675th KingPhoniex420 0.0TNUS-
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