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Wednesday, April 18th 2018, 05:15 PM
Winter 2018 Playoff Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the GameBattles Winter 2018 Playoffs!

Winter 2018 Playoff Winners
Team (NA)  zDestitutes Children   ^0Nightmare Black
Doubles (NA)  Ximbo Swipes  ^4Neon
Singles (NA)  hunt  hjasdldhja
Team (EU)  LF1 For Respawn   ^9Bullseye
Doubles (EU)  We Turned Back  Dubs EU V2
Singles (EU)  Eyyy Mannen  NOT GOOD ENOUGH

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Player Rankings - Call of Duty: World War 2 (Xbox One)

Wins Rank Name Wins Losses Win % State Country Twitter
1st iGoBazookAz1,36845675.00 %CAUS-
2nd Rcals121,32331680.72 %NJUS
3rd Synovia1,07310691.01 %MAUS-
4th Syborg-1,03228978.12 %ILUS-
5th LBC4161,00319683.65 %LAUS-
6th _yFrenZy_94829276.45 %RIUS-
7th -Secrest94019283.04 %NCUS
8th DeL_Sicky93954963.10 %VAUS-
9th Helixx-_-92313687.16 %TXUS
10th Rev_Replayzzz_89342567.75 %NYUS
11th JahRastaLove88325577.59 %OHUS-
12th Nevzy_F8657791.83 %-HU
13th Mexting82824976.88 %-MX-
14th FRaGsEU81623078.01 %-SE-
15th Smokedyaself81466655.00 %FLUS-
16th xBIAxxxKINGxx81446163.84 %TXUS-
17th LOLgg81030272.84 %TXUS-
18th KeRoXiK7937291.68 %AZUS-
19th BlakeReign79226375.07 %OHUS
20th HostIsntReal78617082.22 %FLUS
21st aldin587796792.08 %MAUS-
22nd Textacy7711598.09 %IDUS-
23rd BeZo7660100.00 %NJUS
24th IMHIGH1576339765.78 %NYUS
25th oRemedysZ76014883.70 %TXUS-
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