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  • Who: All Major League Gaming members who have played 1 match will show on the Wins Leaderboard.

  • What: The Wins Leaderboard shows who has the most wins on the website. This leaderboard also shows each users Win %.

  • How: Wins are tracked by selecting players for a match. Every time a match is played, each team has to select who is in the match. The winning team will get a +1 in the wins column, while the losing team will get a +1 in the loss column. The win % is a calculation of wins against total matches that have been played, which results in the win percentage for a specific user.

  • Where: Personal wins and losses are displayed on profiles. A total overall record, and an arena breakdown are shown. These two features can be hidden via the edit preferences page.

Player Rankings - FIFA 17 (Xbox One)

Wins Rank Name Wins Losses Win % State Country Twitter
7901st OiSlayy_040.00 %-GB-
7902nd boylerx95060.00 %-IE-
7903rd xxNepTunesK020.00 %-GB-
7904th Liam_Hen25010.00 %-GB
7905th Dillonmorse1996010.00 %-GB-
7906th RuhBot010.00 %-GB-
7907th DCarson1010.00 %NYUS-
7908th Aaronsayers020.00 %-GB-
7909th Stimulationn030.00 %-GB-
7910th KingSalomon010.00 %-CH-
7911th JRevenge010.00 %-IT-
7912th CtrL_BlazeR010.00 %-GB-
7913th o-ASSASSIN-17-o010.00 %NJUS-
7914th Brycek46010.00 %INUS-
7915th Chris_Hazard10010.00 %NJUS-
7916th Tommytommy95090.00 %-GB-
7917th P_Szabin020.00 %-HU-
7918th ShOwY123020.00 %-MX-
7919th Smeggy_Egg030.00 %-GB-
7920th WrEcKeDConviic010.00 %TNUS-
7921st KingOfGBs010.00 %KYUS-
7922nd ii_Prahdigy020.00 %-AF-
7923rd N1nes010.00 %-GB-
7924th TGXiInquisidor040.00 %-MX-
7925th KyleeEU-010.00 %-GB-
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