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  • Who: All Major League Gaming members who have played 1 match will show on the Wins Leaderboard.

  • What: The Wins Leaderboard shows who has the most wins on the website. This leaderboard also shows each users Win %.

  • How: Wins are tracked by selecting players for a match. Every time a match is played, each team has to select who is in the match. The winning team will get a +1 in the wins column, while the losing team will get a +1 in the loss column. The win % is a calculation of wins against total matches that have been played, which results in the win percentage for a specific user.

  • Where: Personal wins and losses are displayed on profiles. A total overall record, and an arena breakdown are shown. These two features can be hidden via the edit preferences page.

Player Rankings - FIFA 17 (Xbox One)

Wins Rank Name Wins Losses Win % State Country Twitter
76th Isuttyy675057.26 %-GB-
77th Bryant1994663366.67 %-GB
78th ManLikeGavla1664957.39 %-GB-
79th TheLukeNibzza661680.49 %-GB-
80th TheRealDJay659640.37 %-GB
81st Jxzk652869.89 %-GB-
82nd Thackray16651185.53 %-GB-
83rd Smithyyyyyy641878.05 %-GB-
84th nChayan635453.85 %-FR-
85th GreeeeeeeenY621580.52 %-GB-
86th MackeeR613662.89 %-GB-
87th Dankion-GB614458.10 %-GB-
88th xbremnerx606249.18 %-GB-
89th Ell1573606050.00 %-GB-
90th -RTB607145.80 %-GB-
91st ANTHKEW94587643.28 %-GB-
92nd KeMpZdoT572867.06 %-GB
93rd Jcooley574655.34 %-GB-
94th pinguuu571777.03 %-GB-
95th MichaelFoxyy571777.03 %-IE
96th Spxnnyyy563263.64 %-GB-
97th Scary-59552172.37 %-FR-
98th lewisblackowns553859.14 %-GB-
99th ik0NiC557841.35 %CTUS-
100th kizzaboi10542271.05 %-GB-
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