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Stride Halo 3 Ladder Update!

Posted by GB_Official_News, on Dec 17 2009 4:39 PM

Welcome to this week's update of the Halo 3 Fall 2009 Season, brought to you by Stride -- The Ridiculously Long Lasting Gum! The season is dwindling down to its last few weeks, and teams are starting to kick into to high gear. There's $5,000 on the line for podium qualifiers, and only 32 of the 5,500+ teams competing will make the playoffs; so it's now or never! Let's get right to it.

Questionable, formerly known as Pointcheck, still holds the #1 overall rank with a 63-3 record. Up until a recent loss, the team had won 58 games in a row. That's impressive, but they haven't guaranteed anything yet. Sicker Than Yo Average, the #2 ranked squad who are 54-5 and at one point won 47 straight games, are still gunning for the top spot and trail by roughly 200 XP. Meanwhile, Believe The Hyp3 has moved up to third place, going undefeated so far this season in 30 matches. Now, when considering the amount of wins some teams in the Top 10 have (63, 54, 64, 48, 55, etc.), it may be hard to imagine that Icons could rank within the Top 5 with just 13 wins -- but they've done just that. Icons is ranked 4th overall and have gone 13-1 during the Fall season. Finally, it's Poole Palace who currently sit in 5th place with a 64-10 record.

Poole Palace has accumulated the most wins on the ladder to this point with 64, edging out Questionable's 63 by 1 victory. Disregarding those two untouchable records, it's The Wu Tang Clan's 55 wins that would top the ladder. We've seen some incredible streaks this season, such as Questionable's 58-gamer, and Sicker Than Yo Average's 47, but the longest active streak goes to Believe the Hyp3, who have not lost in 30 contests. However, not including undefeated teams, #11 ranked TG Blizzard has the longest active streak with 21 straight wins.

That about wraps things up for this week's update! The season is progressing steadily, and before you know it, it will be playoff time! Remember, the regular season closes on December 31st. Be sure to get yourself positioned for one of the 32 playoff seeds by then! $5,000 is awaiting the winner. See you all next week for another update!