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New Gamertag System - Monday, Jan 23rd

Posted by ScRaMbLe, on Jan 19 2012 11:00 AM

GameBattles is changing the way that users associate their Xbox Live Gamertags, PlayStation Network IDs, and Wii Numbers with their accounts. It is very important that all users, and especially team leaders, read all the details below to ensure that they and their teams remain eligible to participate in GameBattles matches.

Starting next Monday at 1 PM EST, the current gamertag association system in your GameBattles profile will be removed entirely, and users will have to re-link all of their online gamertags through their MLGid profile ( which you can do now! This will involve a simple authentication process that will require you to log in to each of your accounts and verify that you are the owner. This is a much more secure way to preserve your online identity, and will also prevent other users from stealing your gamertag or adding it to team rosters that you aren’t a part of.  HOWEVER, users will now be limited to just two gamertags per platform (two Xbox Live gamertags, two PSN IDs, etc) and you will not be able to remove a gamertag once it is associated with your MLGid. That means no more jumping teams or trying to add gamertags that are not your own.

In order to implement this new system entirely, all users WILL lose gamertags currently associated with their GameBattles account, and will have to re-authenticate them via your MLGid profile. However, because all users’ gamertag history will be cleared, you will not be subject to a waiting period before becoming eligible to join a team. Actually, with this new system, we are going to allow you to change your gamertags on the roster without waiting 6 hours! Because gamertags are being authenticated and we are only allowing 2 per platform, switching gamertags on a team is not an issue! ALL team leaders will have to update their team rosters with their members’ new gamertags. There will be NO waiting period once a members gamertag is updated, but they WILL BE INELIGIBLE TO PLAY IF THEY ARE NOT UPDATED.

Users can get a head start on the process by entering and verifying their platform gamertags in their MLGid profiles ( Doing so will ensure that your gamertag is linked and eligible this coming Monday. Users who have already done so, and those that do prior to next Monday, will be awarded the appropriate GameBattles badges.

Thank you for your cooperation and support in helping us make GameBattles a better place to game.