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Win of the Day - Bonus XP

Posted by ScRaMbLe, on Oct 11 2012 3:11 PM

GameBattles is excited to introduce a brand new “Win of the Day” program, offering users the opportunity to boost their MLG Rank with some bonus XP on their first win of each day. As a user stacks up wins on consecutive days, their XP reward will continue to grow, up to a 100% bonus – that’s double the XP towards your MLG Rank!

Starting today, all users will receive a 25% XP bonus towards their MLG Rank on their first win of the day on any GameBattles arena. For each consecutive day that you win a match, that XP bonus will grow, until you’re earning double the amount of XP that you normally would. However, if you go a day without a win, your XP bonus will reset, and you’ll have to start your streak over at day one.

Here's how the bonus XP breaks down on consecutive days:

  • First Day: Users earn a 25% XP Bonus on their first win of the day.
  • Second Day: Users earn a 50% XP Bonus on their first win of the day.
  • Third Day & Beyond: Users earn a 100% XP Bonus (Double XP!) on their first win of the day.

Users will be able to track their Win of the Day progress from their user dashboard. There will be a small box detailing the current XP bonus & streak, as well as the time remaining before the bonus XP expires and resets.

In addition to the bonus XP, users will be also be ranked on a Win of the Day Leaderboard, highlighting the players with the longest current & all-time streaks.

There are a few key points that users should take note of. First, keep in mind that this bonus XP only applies towards your MLG Rank on the MLG Rank Leaderboard, and will not affect your team’s standing on the seasonal ladders. Secondly, the bonus XP is only awarded on your first win of each day -- not every win of each day. And last, but not least, remember that bonus XP is awarded for wins on consecutive days, not consecutive wins. You will earn bonus XP for your first win of the day regardless of your actual win streak, and it does not matter if you lose a match between days. Put simply: If you play every day, you’ll be earning bonus XP for as long as you manage to earn a victory per day.

We hope you all enjoy our new Win of the Day Program and take advantage of all the extra XP being handed out. Everyone could use a little boost once in a while! Remember to check your progress on the MLG Rank Leaderboards!