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New Feature: Match History Page

Posted by ScRaMbLe, on Nov 30 2012 2:49 PM

GameBattles would like to take a moment to alert our community of the brand new “Match History” tab now available on all users’ profile pages. 

Listed within this tab are the previous 20 matches a user has played across all of GameBattles. All matches a user participates in will be listed here regardless of the ladder, arena, or platform. Each match listing is identifiable with the team’s 64px logo icon (or the default arena logo if no 64px logo is set) and displays the result of the match, the opponent, and the amount of XP the user gained or lost.

Once you click on one of the match listings, more in-depth details become available. You’ll see information such as the specific ladder, arena, and console the match took place on, as well as the size, length, and final score of the match. This page also offers a breakdown of the two opponents, displaying each team’s rank, record, and roster.

We are happy to provide another tool for users to track their progress and activity here on GameBattles. Besides being used for bragging rights and to showcase your site-wide dominance, the Match History tab is also a valuable scouting tool that team leaders in search of a new player can use to get a general idea of a prospect’s recent performance and activity. How you use it is up to you.