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New Halo 4 Competitive Settings Released!

Posted by pHlawless, on Dec 31 2012 10:12 PM


WIth the new season for Halo 4 just kicking off, we are proud to announce we have the latest version of Halo 4 Competitive Settings to release!  The new mapset for the Team Ladder is as follows.

GB CTF 3 v1 - Solace
GB CTF 5 Adrift v1 - Adrift
GB CTF 5 v1 - Dispatch
GB CTF 5 v1 - Simplex
MLG Extraction v1 - Dispatch
MLG Extraction v1 - Haven
MLG Team Slayer v1 - Abandon
MLG Team Slayer v1 - Dispatch
MLG Team Slayer v1 - Haven
MLG Team Slayer v1 - Simplex
MLG Team Slayer Solace v1 - Solace
For the complete list of changes, please check out the Change Log thread in the Halo 4 Forums.

Head on over to the Halo Arena to compete with these brand new settings!

Halo 4 Xbox 360 Arena

We would also like to say a special thank you to Ghostayame for all his hard work in preparing these settings as well as TiberiusAudley, Heinz, SaLoT, and DIESEL for their assistance as well.