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Match Escalations For All

Posted by Carter, on Feb 11 2013 1:15 AM

Not happy with the outcome of that CMRS match last night? No problem! By popular demand, we've opened up match escalations to everyone!

As you know, CMRS matches are ruled on by the GameBattles community. Up until now, only Premium members have been able to challenge these rulings. They’ve done this by escalating their match, which flags it and sends it to our support staff for review. We look over all the details and either agree or disagree with the community’s ruling. If you weren’t Premium though, you didn’t get this opportunity.

Well, no longer is that the case. Now, anyone can escalate any CMRS ruling they disagree with. For just 4 credits (and 2 credits for Premium Members), you can ask the staff to review any CMRS loss or match cancellation you receive.

To escalate a match, navigate to your team page and view the match in question. On the right hand side, you’ll see a section called “Escalate Match”. Within this section you’ll see the cost, your available credits, and a button to escalate. Note: You may only escalate a match if your team originally submitted a ticket to the CMRS. If you didn’t, you are prohibited from escalating that match.

Premium Members: As a Premium member, you are still allowed to escalate ANY match for free. However, if you lose a match escalation, your account will be restricted for 30 days. This new system allows you to bypass that restriction and escalate any additional match for only 2 credits. The restriction will remain active, however; and until it expires, each escalation will cost 2 credits. Once the 30 days passes, your match escalations will become free again.

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