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Top 3 GB Videos of the Week #2

Posted by subtheorist, on Nov 09 2007 3:23 PM

It’s that time of the week again! For the second edition of the Top 3 GB Videos of the Week, we’ve selected three of the most entertaining Game Room videos submitted by GameBattles users throughout the week. On the menu this week is a SOCOM: Combine Assault blooper, a Gears of War clan-tage, and a Halo 3 ladder match.





Team Onslaught Clantage

Veterans of the 2007 MLG Pro Circuit, Team Onslaught, put together a montage showcasing the variety of skills in their members’ arsenals.


Magic Houdini

GameBattles user Fatal Leathel submitted this blooper from the SOCOM: Combined Assault arena. Watch as the SEAL swims underwater and shoots his clueless opponent in the back.


DSJ vs. Not Now Chief

Rounding off the Top 3 this week is a GameBattles match between Drink Sum Juice (Ranked 16th 41-17) and Not Now Chief (Ranked 5th 64-4). With the match tied at two, Isolation was chosen for the deciding game. Check out I Got Cats, as he pulls off a slick triple kill right out of the gates.