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Old Spice Update: Week 6

Posted by subtheorist, on Nov 13 2007 2:53 PM

For those of you who may have missed last week’s debut of the Old Spice Update, let us hit a quick recap of what the series is all about. Each Tuesday we will give you the inside scoop from around the four ladders currently sponsored by Old Spice. We will keep track of all the top stories throughout the Fall ’07 Season and report from the front lines. Check out the Old Spice Experience Open page for a full listing of the contest’s details.

To start things off this week, let’s check on the Halo 3 arena. As reported last week, the Dirty Ghetto Kids mounted a commanding lead in the standings. However, many things can change in the matter of a week. With that said, Team Classic have now taken over the ladder’s top spot in dominating fashion. The team, currently on a 65-match undefeated streak, hold first place by nearly 300 XP. We will check in next week to see if they have continued their success.

As promised last week, here is an update on the status of Shadowrun. Unlike many of the sponsored ladders, Shadowrun is still anyone’s ballgame. The Top 10 teams are within 500 XP of one another and all very much within each other’s grasp. No Ketchup are currently ranked first, closely followed by Team 1080. With the standings so close, the team with the most dedication will inevitably walk away with the $2,000 grand prize.

In the realm of Gears of War, yet another important change in the standings occurred. Tragedy, also known as Vicious Intentionz, took over Vision’s spot atop the ladder. Not only have they moved into first place, but they have done so with domineering force. With nearly 500 XP separating Tragedy and Vision, the team has created a comfortable cushion for themselves in the coming weeks.

Another team to keep an eye on in Gears of War is Murder by Numbers. Currently on a 31-match winning streak, the team has moved up the rankings at an impressive pace. High Distortion, one of MLG’s top pros from the 2007 season, is a co-leader of this clan. With his knowledge and experience, Murder by Numbers are definitely a team to watch for as the season progresses.

The final ladder for this week’s report is Rainbow Six Vegas, which is being tyrannized by 2 Guns Up. Two full levels and 750 XP away from their closest competitor, the team is wreaking havoc on anyone brave enough to cross their paths. With an enormous amount of wins under their belt, 76 to be exact, 2 Guns Up could potentially hold the top spot until the Fall Season ends on December 31st.

Thanks for tuning in to this week's Old Spice Update; be sure to check back on Thursday as we roll out the US Navy Weekly Update.