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The GB Wire: Fall Season Reaches Midpoint

Posted by subtheorist, on Nov 13 2007 5:11 PM

The GB Wire is a weekly recap of the news and events currently taking place around GameBattles. To start each week, we give you an inside look at the current state of GameBattles, as well as what is on the horizon.

This week signifies the midpoint in the 2007’s Fall Season. With six weeks left in the season, many of this fall’s frontrunners have cemented their place above the masses.  However, on the other end of the spectrum, the seasonal midpoint always represents a crucial time for clans placed in the lower end of the rankings. Now more than ever, these clans need to rapidly climb through the rankings in order to have a real shot at making the Fall Season Playoffs.

The midpoint also tends to be a wake-up call to the community. With the impending roster cutoff date just weeks away, clans must start finalizing their roster in anticipation of the Playoffs. Because of this fact, numerous roster changes are bound to occur in the coming weeks.

Elsewhere, the first round of the Summer Season ’07 Playoffs wrapped up. In the single-elimination style format, quite a few of the Summer Season’s top teams have already been eliminated, providing for some interesting quarterfinal and semifinal match ups to come. Congratulations to those who have advanced and expect to see a closer look at playoff picture in next week’s edition of The GB Wire.

In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s first week of competition on the Xbox 360, the game quickly became one of the Top 5 arenas on the site. Meanwhile, the Playstation 3 launch of COD4 has sparked some much needed activity within the Sony community, as they finally get their hands on a worthwhile shooter.

As GameBattles users return from MLG Canada’s inaugural event, many have hit the forums to shed some light on their experiences. “The event was so much fun. Even if you weren't a player, there was an entire video game expo going on,” said Rainbow Six native Phobia_X.  His team, comprised of multiple GameBattles users, went on to be crowned MLG Canada’s first ever Rainbow Six Vegas Champions.

Lastly, Bungie’s detailing of the three upcoming Halo 3 maps has created quite a bit of buzz within the community. The three mentioned maps, Jodrell Bank, Purple Reign, and Vandelay, are slated to be release at some point this winter. The GameBattles community has already begun to speculate what these maps may be like, and the future competitive aspects they may bring to GB.

 That’s all, folks! Keep checking back throughout the week as we debut yet another weekly series profiling some of the most prolific clans in GameBattles history.