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SOCOM US Navy Update: Week 6

Posted by subtheorist, on Nov 15 2007 2:57 PM

Unless you’ve lived in cave for the past few months, you’re probably already aware of the multiple sponsorships GameBattles has acquired for the Fall Season Playoffs. To accommodate, we began tracking their progress through two new weekly articles.

In last week’s debut of the US Navy Update, we explained what the series is all about, when to look for it, and what to expect each week. Since you’ve already been formally introduced, let’s jump right into the action.

There’s a new sheriff in town atop the SOCOM: Combined Assault Doubles Ladder. Unstoppable, led by TrueSkill, are quickly becoming synonymous with their name. In the past week alone, the team has easily surpassed Mr. Soul & Fudge, as well as Punishing & Mezith, en route to becoming Combined Assault’s new top dogs.

Following up from last week, We Ain’t Scared’s 27-match win streak was broken by Metallic & Loved this past weekend. The final score of the match was 2-1, where Metallic & Loved gained a massive 140 XP for the win.  The bad luck only continued from there, as they were defeated again the very next day by Real & Killbot. We Ain’t Scared currently hold eighth place and could easily slip farther if they can’t return to their former selves.

Changing focus towards SOCOM II, Complex recently ousted Get Merked to take over first place. Coincidentally both teams boast the exact same record, 28-3. But because Complex has played a larger amount of high-ranking teams, they’ve accumulated nearly 180 additional XP than Get Merked.

With the help of a 9-0 record, Guess Who’s Back has quickly moved into sixth place. Made up of Cope and Random Bullet, these guys have left every team in their wake thus far and will have no trouble making the playoffs at their current pace. We’ll definitely keep an eye on Guess Who’s Back as the season progresses.

That’s it for this week’s US Navy Update. Coming up tomorrow, we’ve got edition #3 of the Top 3 GB Videos of the Week.