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New Arena: ShootMania Storm

Posted by Carter, on Sep 20 2013 11:52 PM

Major League Gaming is happy to announce the launch of the new ShootMania Storm Arena for the PC!

ShootMania Storm is an arcade-style first-person shooter developed by Nadeo and published by Ubisoft. It features a handful of competitive multiplayer game modes: Royal, Battle, Joust, and Elite. Royal is a free-for-all, allowing up to 16 players to do battle with mostly highly explosive, RPG-like weapons. Battle is a team-based mode focused on capturing control points around the map. Joust pits two individual players head to head with special stipulations, such as limited ammunition. The Elite mode is essentially a three-vs-one in which the lone player must eliminate all three opponents without dying to win.

Like TrackMania 2, another game in Nadeo’s repertoire, ShootMania will feature extensive map-editing abilities and user-created content.

ShootMania is already available for purchase, and we’re excited to open registration for this season on GameBattles! You can check out the newest arena here!

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