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Top 3 GB Videos of the Week #3

Posted by subtheorist, on Nov 16 2007 2:45 PM

The Top 3 GB Videos of the Week caps off each week by showcasing top-notch MLG Game Room videos submitted by the GameBattles community.  This week, we’ve selected a Halo 3 tutorial, a SOCOM: Combined Assault mini-montage, and one GB user’s footage from the 2007 MLG Pro Circuit.






Halo 3 BXB and BXR

ZoroSeerus gives us a step by step tutorial of his Halo 3 rendition of the BXR and BXB. Will these techniques prove to be fruitful in competitive play?


SOCOM Snipes

SOCOM Combine Assault Referee, Grey Goose, submitted this video taken from a public match. This clip is a great example of what separates a GameBattles user from the norm.


Stop n Go Pro Circuit Footage 

GameBattles user Stop n Go compiled many of his highlights from the 2007 MLG Pro Circuit into one video. Keep in mind while watching: every bit of this footage was taken against some of the top competitive gamers in the world.