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The GB Wire: Staff Applications Are Back!

Posted by subtheorist, on Nov 19 2007 5:38 PM

With the start of the new week comes the newest edition of The GB Wire. If you’re not already familiar with The GB Wire, the series kicks off each week with an update of all the latest happenings from around the GB community. To start things off, let’s check in on the Summer Season Playoffs.

The GameBattles Playoffs have always been cut-throat in nature. Simply making it into the Playoffs is an accomplishment in itself, but once within, all it takes is one loss for your entire season to be over. If nothing else, the GB Playoffs provide many teams with even more motivation for the following season.

The Summer Season Playoffs are beginning to wind down across the site, and in some cases, have finished up completely. Many of the brackets are now entering the semi-final round, which serves as the final stop before the Finals.

In the Gears of War Summer Season Playoffs, a mere four clans remain. The Playas, Too High Gaming, Killin Rivals, and Red Legion will now battle for the right to make an appearance in the Finals. Of these four clans, Too High Gaming has had arguably the toughest road through the bracket. By upsetting the top seeded XBLW in the second round, look for these guys to come into their next match boasting more confidence than ever.

In SOCOM: Combined Assault’s Clan Ladder Playoffs, the final match is set to take place tonight at 8:15 PM. Xcellence and Fall’n Angels will be slugging it out for the right to be crowned GB’s Summer Season champs. Good luck to both of these teams, and we’ll be keeping a watchful eye on the outcome.

In other news, the GameBattles staff application is once again up and running. Follow this link to access the redesigned application system. From here, you’ll find a listing of the many areas of MLG/GameBattles Staff currently accepting help. You’ll also find a list of the preferred knowledge, experience, and personality we’re looking for in our staff members. Think you fit the description? Submit your application today!

The GameBattles Forums hit yet another huge milestone this past weekend. As of November 14th 1,000,000 threads had been created by the GB community. This is an amazing accomplishment for a forum of any size, and we want to thank all of you for being a part of it! The GB Forums will celebrate its next milestone as it quickly closes in on 15,000,000 total posts.

After months of anticipation and delays, the GameBattles Blacksite: Area 51 Arena has officially launched. Supported on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, the game looks to have a strong early following. Blacksite: Area 51 gives PS3 owners yet another First Person Shooter to work with, and has huge potential on the site. We’ll keep track of the arena’s success in the coming weeks.

That’s it for this week’s GB Wire. Check in next week as GameBattles crowns its next batch of champions.