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Old Spice Update: Week 7

Posted by subtheorist, on Nov 21 2007 5:24 PM

The Old Spice Update is designed to keep you up to date on the progress of the Old Spice Experience Open. With an estimated prize pool of over $10,000, and only five weeks of ladder competition remaining, a newfound sense of urgency is in the air across GameBattles. With that said, let’s jump right in.

From the Gears of War MLG Ladder, Tragedy have continued to distance themselves from the pack. The clan has managed to play an average of two matches per night since the Fall Season has begun. Because of this, they’ve mounted an enormous 700 XP lead over their closest competitor.

In last week’s Old Spice Update, we told you to keep an eye on Murder By Numbers. Since then, that statement has proven to be justified. In the last week alone, the clan has risen four ranks to take over the second place spot. Murder By Numbers has also continued their massive win streak, as they’re now up to 38 straight wins. Although still significantly behind Tragedy, MBN can easily shorten the gap at their current pace.

Changing focus to Halo 3, Team Classic has mounted one of the largest win streaks ever recorded in GameBattles history. Currently at 74-0, these guys show no signs of slowing down. Team Classic also holds one of the highest reputations on the ladder, meaning the majority of their opponents have had good experiences while battling.

One clan to keep tabs on is Nice Like Rice. Veterans of the MLG Pro Circuit, NLR are quickly making a name for themselves on GameBattles as well. The team seems to have adjusted to Halo 3 quite well, and have gone 37-7 so far in the season. NLR currently hold 17th place, and we look for them to be a Playoff contender as the season nears its conclusion.

In Rainbow Six: Vegas, 2 Guns Up have continued to make light work of the competition. At 81-3, 2GU currently sit over 1,000 XP higher than every other clan. The number one contributor to this massive lead is the fact that they’ve played against a large number of top ranked clans, giving them more XP per win.

Elsewhere on the ladder, there’s a battle for 3rd and 4th place being waged between Reactionz and Armageddon. Only 8 XP separates these two clans, so a win against any clan that wields XP could give Armageddon the lead. We’ll see how this one plays out in next week’s Old Spice Update.

And there’s your Old Spice Update for the week. Check us out next week as we examine week 8 of the Fall Season ’07.