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NHL Stanley Cup Finals Community Event

Posted by Ron, on Jun 02 2014 3:32 PM

 Major League Gaming is proud to announce our NHL Stanley Cup Finals Community Event. The event will start June 4th but you can join in the discussion here and cast your vote for the team you think will win the Stanley Cup.
We will be giving away a Stanley Cup achievement for those who play enough matches within the time frames listed below. Keep in mind the requirement numbers for matches played will change based on how long the series last.  
We are also going to offer site wide Double XP June 13th & June 15th if the series makes it to these days. If the series makes it to game 7 we will have Triple XP all day on June 18th.
Matches Played Scale
  Game 4: 30 Matches Between June 4th - June 11th
*Game 5: 35 Matches Between June 4th - June 13th
*Game 6: 40 Matches Between June 4th - June 16th
*Game 7: 45 Matches Between June 4th - June 18th      
All start times are 12 AM Eastern and all end times are 11:59 PM Eastern
* If necessary