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GB Celebrates the 2014 Fifa World Cup

Posted by Avareda, on Jun 08 2014 8:26 PM

2014 Fifa World Cup
Brazil 2014

GameBattles Celebrates the 2014 Fifa World Cup!

GameBattles is happy to announce a special promotion to celebrate the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

Over the next few weeks, 32 teams (from 5 confederations) will compete against each other in a series of group and knockout stages to be named the winner of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. GameBattles therefore invites you to join us in five special events of our own to help keep you busy while you wait for your country's next big match! 

Event #1: Predict Last 16 to win Free Access to 1v1 Fifa Soccer 14 (360) Online Tournament (June 8th - June 12th)

  • GB will be hosting a free 1v1 Fifa Soccer 14 tournament for everyone on July 10th in correspondence to the 2014 World Cup. What do you need to do? You must predict your Last 16 teams and those that correctly predict 5 or more from the 16 teams that actually go through will be entered in this free tournament. Interested? Cast your Last 16 predictions here now as predictions will close on June 12th! Good luck!

Event #2: Playing for goals! (June 12th - July 13th)

  • GB has prepared an exclusive Badge to be awarded to every player that plays the same or more matches than the total number of goals scored by the two finalists throughout the competition. For example, if the two finalists score a total of 50 goals throughout the competition, you must have played 50 or more matches to earn this badge. Matches played between between June 12th and July 13th will only be counted for this event.

Event #3: Winner of 2014 World Cup prediction from Last 8! (July 1st - July 4th)

  • GB will be awarding another exclusive Badge to players who correctly predict the winner of the World Cup 2014 country from the last 8 known teams. As there will be 3 days before the Last 8 turn into the Last 4, the Voting Poll will be posted on July 1st 3pm EST and will close on July 4th 7:55am EST. You can visit this thread here in the General Discussion forums!

Event #4: A La Cart Discounts! (July 14th)

  • As GB is US-based, we are happy to give our full support to the United States in the 2014 World Cup! That is why for every goal scored by the USA throughout the competition, GB will have a 5.0% discount on Username Changes, Reset Overall Record, Escalations and Double MLG Rank XP days! So that means if the USA score 5 goals in the competition, there will be a 25% discount on the listed above 'A La Cart' items! This offer will last all day on July 14th!

Event #5 (Premium Only): Golden Boot Award! (June 8th - June 12th)

  • GB will be awarding a special Golden Boot Badge to premium users who correctly predict the top goal scorer of the Fifa World Cup 2014. The thread has been posted up on the Premium Forums and can be accessed here! The predictions will start today and will close on June 12th! Good luck!

So let's recap:

  • June 8th - June 12th: Predict 5 or more teams in Last 16 teams correctly to win free entry in 1v1 Fifa Soccer 14 online tournament!
  • June 12th - July 13th: Play the same or more matches than total number of goals scored by the finalists combined throughout the competition to earn an exclusive Badge!
  • July 1st - July 4th: Poll to prediction winner of the 2014 World Cup Cup from the Last 8 known teams to earn an exclusive Badge!
  • July 14th: A La Cart Discount for 24 hours (5.0% off every time USA scores)
  • June 8th - June 12th: Predict the Top Goal Scorer in the competition (for Premium Users Only) to earn a Golden Boot Badge!

We hope you enjoy celebrating the 2014 Fifa World Cup with GameBattes! Remember to take full advantage of all our events and the giveaways we have to offer! Thanks!