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Game of Thrones Community Events

Posted by Ron, on Mar 28 2015 2:04 AM

GameBattles is proud to announce our Game of Thrones community event schedule to celebrate the upcoming April 12th 5th season premiere.

There will be two badge events; the first event will begin April 1st and continue until April 12th which is the premiere date of Game of Thrones at 9 PM ET on the HBO network. Our second badge event for the "Conqueror of the Houses"  achievement will begin April 12th and will continue until the June 21st season finale.

We will also be hosting a Double XP day on April 12th starting at 12:01 AM

Will you be able to conquer the houses?

(A Lannister always pays his debts): 4/1 12 AM - 4/12 11:59 PM (50 Matches)

(Conqueror of the Houses): 4/12 12 AM - 6/21 11:59 PM (200 Matches)