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12 Days of Christmas 2015

Posted by Ron, on Dec 12 2015 12:12 PM

 GameBattles is proud to announce our largest community event of the year, 12 Days of Christmas which will kick off starting December 18th and will feature a new event each day until December 29th.
These events will range from discounts on various perks to giveaways and community-participation events. As usual, the more you play, the better your chance of winning some of the great prizes we will be handing out!
How the giveaway works!
Your odds of winning are based on the number of matches you participate in between (December 15th) and the date of the particular event at, 8:00PM the day of the giveaway. For example, if you participate in 5 matches prior the first giveaway, and play 5 additional matches before the second giveaway, you will have a total of 10 entries into the second giveaway drawing. Premium Members will earn Double entries into the drawing.
Premium Only Achievement
Premium Members have the opportunity to earn an exclusive snowman achievement by playing 12 matches between December 18th 12:00 AM & December 29th 11:59 PM. You must have premium by the end of the event in order to earn the achievement.
All Times Listed are Eastern Times
Start Time End Time Event
Dec 18th 12:00 AM Dec 29th 11:59 PM 12 Days of Double XP (Team & MLG Rank) *
Dec 19th 12:00 AM Dec 19th 11:59 PM Triple XP (Team & MLG Rank) **
Dec 20th 12:00 AM Dec 20th 11:59 PM 50% Off Double XP, Record Resets & Username Changes (Premium Only) 
Dec 21st 12:00 AM Dec 29th 11:59 PM Custom Forum Titles
Dec 22nd 9:00 PM Username Change Giveaway (25 Winners)
Dec 23rd 9:00 PM Holiday Badge #1 (5,000 Winners)
Dec 24th All Day 10 Credit Tournaments All Day
Dec 25th 9:00 PM One Month Premium Membership Giveaway (50 Winners)
Dec 26th 12:00 AM Dec 26th 11:59 PM Triple XP (Team & MLG Rank) **
Dec 27th 9:00 PM Double XP Day Giveaway (250 Winners)
Dec 28th 9:00 PM Holiday Badge #2 (15,000 Winners)
Dec 29th 12:00 AM Dec 29th 11:59 PM Triple XP (Team & MLG Rank) **
Holiday Badge #1 Giveaway Holiday Badge #2 Giveaway Exclusive Premium Badge

Activate a Double XP day when a XP multiplier is active and earn additional XP towards your MLG Rank **. Premium Members receive a free Double XP day each month. 

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*  Activating a Double XP Day during Double XP will result in Triple XP

** Activating a Double XP Day during Triple XP will result in Quadruple XP