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Community Discord Upgrades

Posted by adammcd, on Aug 02 2017 11:15 AM

GameBattles Discord Server

GameBattles is excited to announce some major upgrades to the GameBattles Community Discord;

  • Channels: In addition to Recruiting, Feedback & General Chat we have now added a dedicated media channel to share top plays, clips or graphics from your GameBattles matches.
  • Staff Chat: GameBattles staff members will be on hand throughout the day to chat and answer questions.
  • Verification: A dedicated verification channel to get you set up to make the most of the GameBattles Discord server.
  • Level Up: Verified Users now have the ability to level up based on Activity within the server. These levels will include bonuses in the near future!
  • Live Streams Promo: Verified GameBattles Premium Members will receive promotion for their live streams.
  • More to come!

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