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Prize Claim Improvements

Posted by Tryitsniperz, on Feb 20 2018 2:49 PM

GameBattles Prize Claim Updates

We've been listening to feedback from the community and have made several updates to improve and streamline the GameBattles prize claim user experience.  These changes are currently implemented for all prizes claimed from this point forward.

What’s changing?

We've made the prize claim process simple and fast! When claiming your prize, we've filled all the fields out for you based on your MLG account information. You can update this information in your account settings.

We’ve also filled in the Winner Affidavit & Release with your information and added it to the prize claim form for you so you can review it and quickly submit your prize claim!

Fill out less tax forms! Prizes taken in the form of Check & Dwolla will only be required to fill out tax forms once a year or if you change your person account information since you last filled one out.

This also means faster Dwolla Payments! Dwolla payments will now be made within 72 hours of completing all required steps.


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