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Winter 2018 Playoff Winners

Posted by adammcd, on Apr 18 2018 5:15 PM

Congratulations to the winners of the GameBattles Winter 2018 Playoffs!

GameBattles Playoffs are a tournament hosted at the end of the season on GameBattles. Want to take part this season? Make sure you finish within the Playoff Cutoff (Game Specific, detailed within Playoff Announcement Article) and meet eligibility requirements! Keep a look out for the Spring 2018 Playoff Announcement including cutoff details & a list of the playoffs coming soon!

Winter 2018 Playoff Winners
Team (NA)  Last For One   ^9Deathwish
Doubles (NA)  LOL u try to hard  ??Britt N Matt??
Singles (NA)  WHATz up
Team (EU)  Black Mamba MaiiN   Jebaited
Doubles (EU)  RazMaN  Amadeus
Xbox One
Team (NA)  zDestitutes Children   ^0Nightmare Black
Doubles (NA)  Ximbo Swipes  ^4Neon
Singles (NA)  hunt  hjasdldhja
Team (EU)  LF1 For Respawn   ^9Bullseye
Doubles (EU)  We Turned Back  Dubs EU V2
Singles (EU)  Eyyy Mannen  NOT GOOD ENOUGH
Doubles (Global)  Cloudy   Moms card for skins?
Singles (Global)  I hate fortnite  Prolly texting gf
Xbox One
Doubles (Global)  Spooky Ninjas  YC - Creddy us!
Singles (Global)  FN Johnson  Visa
Singles (Global)  Grove Street Elite ??   Cheaters.
Xbox One
Singles (Global)  BALE FC   Thack
Singles (Global)  Island   *GGGC*
Team (Global)  Team Supremacy   Los Merengues
Team (Global)  .PhobiA.   for fun yes
Doubles (Global)  Blacksteel xq hay varo  Dad and Son
Singles (Global)  Dia  I lose BO1 :|
Team (Global)  ?Legends   ESKETTIT
Singles (Global)  ?Loading  shrew

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