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Monthly Community Event - May

Posted by adammcd, on May 24 2018 4:00 PM

Monthly Community Event - May 2018

GameBattles is continuing our Monthly Community Events with the Fortnite Themed May Event! Double XP & Community Badges will be up for grabs this weekend across GameBattles.

Double XP

All matches played site-wide on GameBattles will receive Double MLG Rank XP this weekend!

  • Site-wide Double MLG Rank XP
  • Saturday 26th of May & Sunday 27th of May

Community Badges

Play the required number of matches to earn these Fortnite themed Profile Badges! 

Make sure you grab them all before it's too late!

5 Matches

10 Matches

Event runs 5/26 12:00 AM EST to 5/27 11:59 PM EST

Activate a Double XP Day this weekend to receive triple MLG Rank XP! Premium Members receive a free Double XP day each month. 

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