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GameBattles 2008 College Hoops Challenge!

Posted by GB_Official_News, on Mar 17 2008 1:01 PM

It’s that time of the year once again – a time commonly referred to as none other than “March Madness”. In light of this weekend’s 2008 NCAA Tournament selections, GameBattles has launched our annual College Hoops Challenge.

What is the College Hoops Challenge, you ask? It’s really quite simple. Each year, GameBattles compiles an interactive listing of the official NCAA Tournament bracket. The bracket allows every GameBattles user to predict who will move on by simply clicking on the team they believe will win.

Making accurate predictions will grant you points towards a cumulative total. Each GameBattles user will be ranked according to their point totals as the tournament progresses. The user with the highest cumulative point total at the end of the 2008 NCAA Tournament will be crowned this year’s College Hoops Challenge champion!

How the Scoring System Works:

Each round is worth 32 points. Therefore each game you choose correctly is worth the following:
•       Round 1 - Each correct choice is worth 1 point.
•       Round 2 - Each correct choice is worth 2 points.
•       Regionals - Each correct choice is worth 4 points.
•       Quarter Finals - Each correct choice is worth 8 points.
•       Semi Finals - Each correct choice is worth 16 points.
•       Finals - A correct choice is worth 32 points.

With that being said, what are you waiting for? Lace up those high-tops and head on over to the GameBattles College Hoops Challenge to start setting up your bracket today!

Click Here to Visit the 2008 GameBattles College Hoops Challenge!