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Spring Season Kicks-Off

Posted by daddyfatsax4, on Apr 01 2008 9:46 AM

War-weary GameBattlers who have spent some time in the digital trenches know that every three months our seasonal ladders start anew.

An important time in our competitions, this rebirth not only gives newcomers the opportunity to try their hand at serious competition, but also provides us with intense play-off action as the Web's finest gamers square off for bragging rights and prizes.

April 1st at 12:00 a.m. EST marked both the completion of our Winter season and the launch of its Spring counterpart.

You will note that this change impacts all competitive seasonal ladders, regardless of platform and/or title.

If you have peddled enough ownage around the GB community to earn your team a spot in the play-offs, you can begin to look for your respective bracket(s) Friday, April 4th.

View the Winter Season 08 Play-Off Brackets

Questions or concerns regarding specific play-off bracket size should be directed to the arena in question. Make sure to check your arena alerts before contacting an admin with any issues or inquiries!

Important Notes About Play-Offs:

  • Brackets will be posted in each arena with the number of seeds dictated by arena activity, internal resources and the overall popularity of the title within the GameBattles community.
  • In accordance with our standard post-season practices, teams that neglected to participate in a single match (win or loss) within the final 30-days of the concluding season will NOT be eligible for play-offs and will be automatically removed from contention.