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Tuesday, February 10th 2015, 04:58 PM
Advanced Warfare Premium Mid-Season Tournaments

The first ten days of this event have past. There is $2,400 in prizing for these 8 premium tournaments for North America and European players. Just a reminder that if you wish to participate in these premium tournaments, there are several requirements.

  • Team must play ten (10) matches between February 1st 12:00am ET and February 15th 11:59pm ET
  • Team must be premium.
    • For every premium member, there can be one non-premium member.
  • Team must have at least four (4) players on their roster for the Team Ladder Roster.
    • For Doubles, each team must have two (2) players on their Ladder Roster.
    • Eligible players MUST have joined the roster before February 15th.
  • Team must be ranked in the top 32 teams for that ladder.
    • If teams ranked in the top 32 are not eligible, the search will extend past the top 32 teams to fill the bracket.

The schedule for these tournaments along with the rest of this season's free to enter tournaments, including playoffs, can be found in this article.

Dota 2 Recruiting Teams

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Team Name Ladder Rank W L Message

We're looking for a 2 or 3 position so if you can lay either of those just tell me on my email and we will try you out at your earliest convenience

TheoryCraft ProTeam-00Message

Looking for supports and possible carries.

The ShireTeam (EU)-00Message


The Energy Never DiesTeam (EU)-00Message


Rec 'NTeam (EU)-00Message



We are recruiting an offlane that is loyal and knows what he is doing



CommunisticFreemasonryTeam (EU)-00Message


Born To WinTeam-00Message



Holding try outs for 2 spots on the team Mid & offlane . My tag is Kalazar.

1 Horse PowerTeam-00Message


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