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3v3 Online Cup #2 Tournament

Status: Completed
Size: 64 teams

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3v3 Online Cup #2 Tournament

  • Price: FREE
  • Registration Starts: Wed 25 May 2016, 12:00 AM EDT
  • Registration Ends: Mon 27 Jun 2016, 2:59 AM EDT
  • Tournament Bracket Play Starts: Thu 30 Jun 2016, 7:00 PM EDT
  • Tournament Bracket Play Ends: Sun 3 Jul 2016, 4:00 AM EDT
  • Tournament Schedule:
  • Tournament Type: Double Elimination
  • Tournament Size: 64 Teams
  • Minimum Team Size: 3 Player(s)
  • Maximum Team Size: 4 Player(s)
  • Players In Match: 3 v 3
  • Games Per Round: 5

    Game and Console: World of Warcraft on PC

    Date and Time: 30th of June starting at 4:00 PM PST / 7:00 PM EDT (All matches played to the round of 8 on Thursday the 30th. Round of 8 on will be played on Saturday July the 2nd.)

    Bracket: Double Elimination

    Players per Match: 3v3

    Entry Fee: FREE

    Eligibility: Residents of US, Mexico, Canada, and Central America only.

    In the "Top Rated Char. incl server" field, each player must list their highest rated (3v3 Arena) character name and server (exact spelling). Example: “Dmachinne-Tichondrius”. Character names that we are unable to find will receive 0 points towards seeding.

    Players are responsible for forming their own teams.

    For all Settings, Rules, Eligibility/Limitations, please visit the Rules and Prize tabs.

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    Tournament Sign Up Guide
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