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Match Resolution Leaderboard

  • Who: All users who have voted on a match correctly are ranked on this leaderboard.

  • What: The Match Resolution Leaderboard shows those users who have voted on matches with the correct outcome determined by the community.

  • How: In order to be ranked on this leaderboard and move up on it, you most vote on matches correctly. By selecting the correct outcome of a match in the Match Resolution System, you will receive more XP. On the other hand, voting incorrectly on matches will cause you to lose XP, and fall in the leaderboard.

  • Where: our rank for this leaderboard is shown here. If you participate in other games, your leaderboard ranking for those games, will be on their respective Match Resolution Leaderboard.

Player Rankings

Rank Name XP State Country
26th xlDraGz 325 PA US
27th XdtJatt5abiX 304 CA US
29th iRaDaR-- 295 GR
29th ProGamer_XxI 295 CA US
31st iTrophyStar 290 CA US
32nd CMRS-_-KING 279 MO US
33rd EatingBulletsAllDay- 277 CA US
34th HockeyPlaya79 270 NY US
35th zNeptune--x 260
36th ReS-Dioz 250 GB
37th llabat 249 FL US
38th xProandProudx 241 DE
40th Flaawerzz 236 GB
41st MlgProCarrier 235 CA US
42nd iZander- 233 BE
43rd JawBreaker_GR 231 GR
44th Skybondsy 229 GB
45th Ollzuo 227 GB
46th iBlinkAlot 224 UM
47th pan0s 208 GR
48th iiShiinoX 205 DE
48th Composin 205 ON CA
50th oReppy 196 IT
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