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HaVoK15Aus Central Time
Afternoons (Noon-6pm)

Capture the Flag: 5

Demolition: 2

Domination: 4

Headquarters: 5

Sabotage: 2

Search & Destroy: 1

Team Deathmatch: 8


I am very serious about gaming and currently own a pair of KontrolFreek black ops 3 and i use my ps4 controller for ps3. I Am a very very high-skilled payer on advanced warfare i always finish on the top. i have what it takes to be a pro gamer and my ve

Whitesoxfreak12e22US Eastern Time
Afternoons (Noon-6pm)

Capture the Flag: 8

Demolition: 9

Domination: 9

Headquarters: 6

Sabotage: 7

Search & Destroy: 6

Team Deathmatch: 7


I like when there's a lot of communication during the game like I prefer using headsets and I'm more of an aggressive player get lots of kills a few deaths I normally get my highest killstreak on a regular basis

Sxccessfui19Greenwich Mean Time
Evenings (6pm-11pm)

Capture the Flag: 0

Demolition: 0

Domination: 0

Headquarters: 0

Sabotage: 0

Search & Destroy: 2

Team Deathmatch: 0


I am looking for a team that knows how to play, makes the other team spawn in the same place over and over, knows how to play as a team/ trade kills protect the guy with the objective. I'm pretty good, just looking for a clan so please HMU, i dont bi

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