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VectorCom12313Central European Time
Afternoons (Noon-6pm)

Capture the Flag: 5

Demolition: 10

Domination: 6

Headquarters: 6

Sabotage: 10

Search & Destroy: 10

Team Deathmatch: 9


I am good tactician. I create fast strategy. And then i am killing entire enemy team from 1 spot. I am using Assault rifles and SMGs.

Crowdy18Eastern European Time
Various Times

Capture the Flag: 8

Demolition: 10

Domination: 10

Headquarters: 10

Sabotage: 7

Search & Destroy: 8

Team Deathmatch: 10


Teamwork is key to success Good Callout Was pretty good playing Gears 2,3 Pretty Good With Accuracy Can Sometimes Clutch Have Mic 18 Funny,Chill

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