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Tuesday, March 24th 2015, 10:56 PM
MLG Rank Updated

We’ve been gathering community feedback and listening to the problems players have been experiencing with our XP system recently. With that being said we’re excited to announce a couple of adjustments we’ve made to the MLG Rank Elo system that is going to improve your experience on the site! Let’s get into what the changes are and how they will affect you.

Elo Adjustment

  •  We have refactored the math behind how Elo is determined in an effort to soften losses and gains when playing other players who are much higher or lower than you are. Not only did we adjust the XP scale, we also changed the min/max XP you can earn. The least you can earn is 5 XP and the most you can lose is 30 XP. The amount of Arena and Global MLG XP you earn is determined by your rank compared to the rank of the player(s) you are playing. If you beat someone with a better Arena rank than you, you will earn more XP than if you beat someone with a worse Arena rank than you have. With this change, it will no longer take 50 wins to gain back the XP lost from losing to a lower ranked team.

We’re so excited about these changes, we’re going to give some things away!

The Hunt for XP Event

  • Play 200 Matches from March 25th 12:00 AM ET – April 22nd 11:59 PM ET and receive the first publicly awarded GIF achievement!

Top Page Dubs

Call of Duty: Black Ops Doubles Ladder Team

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Top Page Dubs - Tp
Team ID:
Mar 5, 2011 by DevoutCross23

Find someone with more wins than us. About 5 of our losses we won.
Dispute Percentage: 1 %

Top Page Dubs Stats

Season Place MP W L GF GA SO Pct Strk B.Strk Level XP
Summer 201271st 9721574.7784W4W
Spring 20124th 42384781927.90510W10W
Winter 20121st 43394801928.9077W17W
Fall 201134th 1412225511.857
Summer 201142nd 35287571725.8008W10W
Spring 201110th 1301201024536104.92326W31W
Winter 20115th 605641151945.9339W26W
All-Time 333 300 33 615 122 244 .901 31W 8,308

Upcoming & Recent Matches

Date Time Opponent Result Match Details
10 Aug 20125:15 PM EDTJerkin/shuffleWin View Match
15 Jul 20122:30 PM EDTsTuNy & TeRRoRisTWin View Match
15 Jul 20121:45 PM EDTAwkward™ 2v2Win View Match
15 Jul 20121:00 PM EDTGet_BaKedWin View Match
15 Jul 20122:00 AM EDToEscape is a tank (:Loss View Match
15 Jul 20121:00 AM EDTK lover and KillaAznWin View Match
15 Jul 201212:30 AM EDTlvlortalityNationReppWin View Match
11 Jul 20127:00 PM EDTWcL Nick & KyleLoss View Match
4 Jul 20122:15 AM EDTThe Next Coming Loss View Match
4 Jul 20121:45 AM EDTThe Sykotic DUOWin View Match


    Member Role MLG Rank Reputation Dispute % URL Join Time Last Update
Dunzville- Tp Leader 6,195th 2 % Apr 2, 2011 Fri 13 Dec 2013, 7:06 PM EST
MrFlintstoney Tp Member 2,355th 1 % Apr 3, 2014 Thu 3 Apr 2014, 5:55 PM EDT