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Match Resolution Leaderboard

  • Who: All users who have voted on a match correctly are ranked on this leaderboard.

  • What: The Match Resolution Leaderboard shows those users who have voted on matches with the correct outcome determined by the community.

  • How: In order to be ranked on this leaderboard and move up on it, you most vote on matches correctly. By selecting the correct outcome of a match in the Match Resolution System, you will receive more XP. On the other hand, voting incorrectly on matches will cause you to lose XP, and fall in the leaderboard.

  • Where: our rank for this leaderboard is shown here. If you participate in other games, your leaderboard ranking for those games, will be on their respective Match Resolution Leaderboard.

Player Rankings

Rank Name XP State Country
13175th Mec2RuuE13 1 FR
13175th Youch_ 1 IT
13175th G_Wolfy94 1 NC US
13175th I_AM_EMPIRE 1
13175th andyyG 1 BE
13175th DeViiL- 1
13175th JasonIsBack 1 GB
13175th McNamara- 1 GB
13175th TieDye 1 AL US
13175th DeSireisBest 1 MI US
13175th filipengelholm10 1
13175th Bligball 1 NJ US
13175th donu 1 DE
13175th RageahoicRick 1 OR US
13175th Kalleklovn 1 NO
13175th iPersistense 1
13175th Prone-Blocke 1 AB CA
13175th XeRo_DeViL 1 AB CA
13175th JBRH- 1
13175th Stumpayy 1 NL
13175th adrien108 1
13175th iiStefan 1 GA US
13175th LoRoHD 1 CO US
13175th Md-Drowzy 1 AL US
13175th Coverfire12 1 GB
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