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Thursday, June 13th 2019, 07:00 PM
Spring 2019 Playoff Roster Lock

Spring 2019 Playoff Roster Lock

Roster Lock will go into effect June 16th at 12:00 AM ET for ladders that are hosting playoffs. All rosters must be finalized by this point and no changes are permitted after this point. Making a roster change will void your playoff eligiblity.

  • Anyone new to playoffs or just need a refresher, please read the Arena Playoff FAQ.
  • Playoff Team Eligibility Requirements:
    • Team must be created before the Spring 2019 Season Roster Lock that begins on June 16th 12:00am ET.
    • Team must play at least one (1) match during the roster lock period of June 16th 12:00am ET - June 30th 8:59pm ET.
    • Teams may not override the roster lock. This includes, but is not limited to, role changes (Leader,Captain,Member), updating GamerTags, adding/removing players.
      • Gamertags must not be unlinked during roster lock.
    • Team must have the minimum required players listed on the playoff schedule. These may or may not be the same as the ladder minimum roster requirements for ladder matches.
  • Playoff Player Eligibility Requirements
    • Player's GB/MLG Username must be on the playoff roster.
    • GamerTags linked to the player's account prior to the start of Bracket play may be used.
    • Account Recovering another player's Gamertag is strictly forbidden.

Click here to view the eligible ladders.


Apex Legends Singles (Global) Ladder Team

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Date Time Opponent Status Result XP View
Fri 26 Apr 20194:55 PM EDTI Won The PlayoffsCompletedLost-14
Thu 25 Apr 20194:35 PM EDTSheevaHCompletedLost-20
Wed 24 Apr 201910:55 AM EDTN8MvyxCompletedWon+15
Wed 24 Apr 201912:15 AM EDTApex SinglesCompletedLost-22
Tue 23 Apr 20199:35 PM EDTTTV iVizuhCompletedLost-24
Tue 23 Apr 20197:25 PM EDTkubaaaaCompletedWon+8
Tue 23 Apr 20196:45 PM EDTGT | NyrocCompletedLost-22
Tue 23 Apr 20196:25 PM EDTRedSaiCompletedLost-22
Tue 23 Apr 20195:05 PM EDTGT | NyrocCompletedWon+8
Tue 23 Apr 20194:45 PM EDTGT | TudmuffinCompletedWon+24
Tue 23 Apr 20194:15 PM EDTzXvCompletedWon+21
Tue 23 Apr 20193:10 PM EDTN8MvyxCompletedWon+9
Tue 23 Apr 20192:55 PM EDTSkiSkiii1CompletedWon+9
Tue 23 Apr 20192:50 PM EDTOppendCompletedWon+10
Tue 23 Apr 20192:30 PM EDTSheevaHCompletedLost-17
Tue 23 Apr 20192:00 PM EDTGT | NyrocCompletedWon+10
Mon 22 Apr 201910:00 PM
Mon 22 Apr 20199:25 PM EDTI Won The PlayoffsCompletedLost-18
Mon 22 Apr 20199:10 PM EDTThis game blowssssCompletedWon+13
Mon 22 Apr 20198:50 PM EDTBlue is my fav number CompletedWon+11
Mon 22 Apr 20198:40 PM EDTGT | TudmuffinCompletedLost-6
Mon 22 Apr 20198:25 PM EDTGot Em'CompletedWon+19
Mon 22 Apr 20197:50 PM EDTTriaaLsTheWraithCompletedLost-21
Mon 22 Apr 20194:25 PM EDTWasteManagement CompletedWon+6
Mon 22 Apr 20194:15 PM EDTSytexTeam🔥CompletedWon+10
Mon 22 Apr 20194:00 PM EDTSytex SpetsnazCompletedWon+12
Fri 19 Apr 20198:05 PM EDTTopShelf-THCCompletedWon+16
Fri 19 Apr 20197:30 PM EDTKolbySZNCompletedLost-19
Fri 19 Apr 20197:10 PM EDTKunai Rosé CompletedWon+25
Fri 19 Apr 20195:20 PM EDTblockpartyCompletedWon+24
Fri 19 Apr 20194:10 PM EDTKlubaCompletedWon+20
Fri 19 Apr 20193:40 PM EDTGT | TudmuffinCompletedLost-7
Fri 19 Apr 20193:50 AM EDTShakkCompletedWon+30
Fri 19 Apr 20193:00 AM EDTWasteManagement CompletedWon+28
Wed 17 Apr 20197:55 PM EDTKing JordzR 👑CompletedLost-15
Wed 17 Apr 20197:05 PM EDTProlly Gonna LoseCompletedWon+16
Wed 17 Apr 20196:05 PM EDTklubaCompletedWon+17
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