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Wednesday, August 15th 2018, 04:00 PM
Double XP is now Live!

As part of the GameBattles August Community Event, Site-Wide Double XP is now live until 8/19 11:59 PM ET!

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Free Agents

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Gamertag Age Timezone Availability Skills Info View

Blitz: 6

Cranked: 6

Domination: 8

Dropzone: 9

Free-for-All: 8

Grind: 6

Gun Game: 8

Hunted: 0

Hunted Free-for-All: 0

Infected: 8

Kill Confirmed: 7

Reinforce: 8

Safeguard: 0

Search and Destroy: 9

Search and Rescue: 7

Team Deathmatch: 8



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