Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Alert
Saturday, March 25th 2017, 06:15 PM
CWL Rules Further Update


The following update will apply to all CWL Variant Ladder matches, Pro Point Matches & CWL Tournaments from 6:30 PM 3/25:

  • Disconnections:

    • Games must be restarted if a Player disconnects in the first 30 seconds and/or before the first kill.

    • CWL Variant Matches:

      • Search and Destroy

        • If a Player disconnects after the first 30 seconds and/or after the first kill the team that is missing a player may leave/end the game between rounds and reinvite their player to the lobby.

          • Please note that teams may be subject to a round forfeit if leaving/ending the game causes the opposing team to lose payloads/scorestreaks.

      • Uplink or Hardpoint

        • If a Player disconnects after the first 30 seconds and/or after the first kill the map must continue without the disconnected player who may be reinvited for the next map.

    • Standard Matches:

      • If a Player disconnects, the map must be continued. The missing player may be reinvited to the game (See CWL Exception above). The team with the missing player may not leave the game or end the game at the conclusion of the round that the disconnect occurred. If the hosting team ends the game, or the non hosting team fully leaves the game due to a player disconnecting they will forfeit the map in question.

      • The Hosting Team may not drop host at any point during the match. Dropping Host during or after a map/matches completion will result in a forfeit of the map in question for the hosting team

In addition the following has been in place on CWL matches since Midnight on 3/25

  • The in-game CWL Modes MUST be used

If you would like to share any suggestions with us please do so in our Member Feedback Forum.

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I would be undefeated if Throwback didn't exist.





Zyrox NationTeam (EU)238th226Message

Loking For Quality Free Agents No Trash Cans. Thanks

ZooM ClanTeam2872nd88Message

We are a strong team and we are looking for 2 more players over the age of 15 that have competitive experience, knows the game, callouts, their strengths and weaknesses and is on ps4 on a daily basis from 3pm-10pm EST. Message me for more info ZooM_Classy


Looking for dedicated players to practice with!

ZESTYFIEDDoubles (EU)613th2112Message


ZeRo team GB'sTeam3302nd02Message

Somos de ecuador y buscamos miembros



Ze&Tiago RulesDoubles (EU)231st3716Message

if u want to join add we are recruit...New members

z High Command GamingTeam3rd15322Message

We are looking to take IW serious and are looking for a fourth member that want to grind daily.

Yung Rich Nihglet$Team-00Message






Young GoblinsDoubles36th274Message


Young dubs lordDoubles228th71Message

Think you got what it takes

YewPapi #TKOSingles (EU)2860th12Message


Xtreme DefianZeTeam5068th2160Message

We are always looking for new members, don't be shy we have plenty of benefits.



XposeD GamingNA CWL Pro Points-00Message


xoxo.Team (EU)638th127Message


Xiled Hurricane Doubles5859th04Message


XGK ClanNA CWL Pro Points-00Message




xDouble Infinit3Doubles-00Message


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