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Sunday, October 6th 2019, 12:00 AM
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Singles (Global) Ladder Team

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Date Time Opponent Status Result XP View
Tue 15 Oct 20192:35 PM EDTScorpiuhNWaiting for scores-0
Mon 9 Sep 20199:10 AM EDTSingles PS4CompletedWon+11
Mon 2 Sep 201911:40 AM EDTTmplxOGCompletedWon+10
Mon 2 Sep 201911:25 AM EDTSinglingCompletedWon+11
Thu 22 Aug 201912:05 PM EDTI am back babyCompletedWon+17
Thu 1 Aug 201911:35 AM EDTJduzheCompletedWon+12
Thu 1 Aug 201911:20 AM EDTGood ol times CompletedLost-19
Wed 31 Jul 201912:00 PM EDTKarlosTheking- 👿CompletedLost-22
Mon 22 Jul 201910:00 AM EDTDoubles on MW?CompletedWon+11
Fri 19 Jul 201911:00 AM EDTye man m8CompletedWon+11
Fri 19 Jul 201910:40 AM EDTRataatataCompletedWon+14
Tue 16 Jul 20192:10 PM EDTKarlztaGGCompletedLost-19
Mon 15 Jul 201910:45 AM EDTBevvvvvsssssCompletedWon+13
Mon 15 Jul 20199:45 AM EDTdeCxdeCompletedWon+14
Mon 15 Jul 20199:10 AM EDTused2bgudCompletedWon+14
Sat 13 Jul 201912:40 PM EDTReturn of the DOMCompletedWon+12
Thu 11 Jul 201912:05 PM EDTrich like roddyCompletedWon+14
Thu 11 Jul 20198:55 AM EDTFxsioon-_-CompletedWon+16
Wed 10 Jul 20199:35 AM EDTSingles LuckCompletedWon+15
Tue 9 Jul 201910:10 AM EDTThat's RUNNINGCompletedWon+15
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