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🗑Team (NA)-00Message

Need 3 Solid, poositve attitudes, smart and hungry players. Looking to make this a CWL team at some point. Message my gamertag. Looking for the right kids


Kelevra Tactical Gaming, serious gamers only

^Faded Clan^Team (NA)-00Message

our team is realy good its for my subscribers and or friends we play hard realy good comunity all members must be in our discord chat so we can be organized and tell everyone when to get on for matches usa only and ps4 only cod ww2

^AirrTeam (EU)2594th01Message


^9ZTeaM ExiiLeZDoubles (NA)119th5414Message

We are recruiting members for our team. please message me if you are interested in joining our team. Thank you!

^9Young ^6LegacyDoubles (EU)2031st11Message

Only request if you have a 200k rank or below

^9We Eat AssDoubles (NA)1207th5528Message

Gotta have a mic and gotta be good

^9WagWan^7PiffTing^4YeDoubles (EU)5386th2529Message

English speaking please

^9Victor eSportsTeam (NA)3869th410Message

We are looking for a fourth that can get on consistently. We plan to practice until April where we will buy team passes to compete in CWL Anaheim. If you're looking to put in the work and join an organization. Hit us up!

^9Roll TideTeam (NA)420th133Message

Ask about joining I guess

^9Road To Top 100Doubles (NA)753rd102Message

Check us out on YouTube: Impulse Nation iN. Road to top 100 YouTube series. If you play us, check YouTube the next day for the video.

^9Never ^6Heard ^2of ItTeam (NA)291st2813Message

Looking for 2 to play aside our two highest ranked players and grind tourneys etc looking to play variant, and compete in upcoming World Gaming tourney

^9Legacy--GamingTeam (NA)3834th45Message


^9Legacy GamingNA CWL Pro Points-00Message


^9GDFolkTeam (NA)137th184Message


^9 DisciplesTeam (NA)4089th68Message


^9 4NationNA CWL Pro Points1078th27Message

If your mom have big tits you can postulate thx !

^8XODoubles (EU)1820th10Message


^8v^7RougeDoubles (EU)2182nd13Message


^8sweatBandsTeam (NA)376th123Message


^8Scuf^7JumpersDoubles (EU)788th114Message

Don't be ass

^8Old Men of ^1UGTeam (NA)2806th02Message


^7Ice ^4NationDoubles (Global)445th30Message

yes you will have to 1v1 us

^7 Eclipse eSportEU CWL Pro Points-00Message


^6Yeet ^62019Team (NA)196th4411Message

Looking for fellow yeeters.

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