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butter my biscuit

Call of Duty: World War 2 Singles (NA) Ladder Team

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Date Time Opponent Status Result XP View
Mon 10 Sep 201811:05 PM EDT@XerophsCompletedLost-14
Sun 9 Sep 20185:55 PM EDTRighteously CompletedLost-6
Sun 9 Sep 20185:40 PM EDTNoooooooooooooCompletedLost-11
Wed 1 Aug 201812:30 AM EDT50k?CompletedLost-16
Wed 1 Aug 201812:15 AM EDT@Suggestful_CompletedLost-13
Thu 19 Jul 20181:10 AM EDTSommer RayCompletedLost-3
Wed 18 Jul 20184:50 PM EDTCelldoorsCompletedLost-11
Tue 12 Jun 201811:25 PM EDTWHYDOISUCKCompletedLost-12
Sat 26 May 20182:50 AM EDT^0King^0NateCompletedLost-10
Thu 24 May 201810:35 PM EDTDishonestCompletedLost-12
Wed 23 May 20188:35 PM EDTRAY’s BOOM BOOM ROOMCompletedLost-13
Tue 22 May 201810:05 AM EDTbitter jungleCompletedLost-13
Sun 20 May 201811:35 PM EDTUnderrated TalentCompletedLost-14
Sun 20 May 201811:20 PM EDThurtCompletedLost-13
Sun 20 May 20182:55 PM
Sun 20 May 20182:15 PM EDTlonely lonesomeCompletedLost-17
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