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Team Name Ladder Rank W L Message
🤞💔Doubles (Global)89th96Message

Currently recruiting a 3rd party member. Message aTypo- on PSN for more details

xxDoubles (Global)-00Message

Send me location

WeTookYourWifeToTiltedDoubles (Global)-00Message

we looking for 1 more player to fill our team

Unnamed Void Doubles (Global)892nd55Message

Looking for a role player, someone who has mastered the art of building and can easily build their way out of a sticky situation.

Unknown TacticsDoubles (Global)1609th516Message


TekashiKillasDoubles (Global)536th10Message

Might as well try mate

TallaTeamDoubles (Global)277th20Message

Principalmente no pero si veo que la gente quiere unirse lo pensaremos muy bien.

SyxFortDoubles (Global)501st21Message


SPIDER_GANGDoubles (Global)-00Message


Skirmish SquadDoubles (Global)-00Message


SHIFT64 EsportsDoubles (Global)1048th22Message


Septik Alliance Doubles (Global)-00Message


RTVDoubles (Global)-00Message

Must have over 100 wins to compete in Battles but have at-least 70 wins to be a reserve any questions ask on the teams twitter-

Quick BuildersDoubles (Global)-00Message

Were Recruiting. Must Be Albe To Take A L Need To Be Active Know Call Outs Have Over 100 Wins

PTE UnitedDoubles (Global)204th22Message


Pixis_Doubles (Global)1859th13Message

Hola a todos los lectores de esta publicación, lo que vengo a contar no es sólo sobre el club, ya que quiero que sepan de dónde salió está idea? De formar el club: el club en un principio se creó por un proyecto l

NoneDoubles (Global)7th292Message

Most be a play maker and play aggressive and at least drop 8 to 9 kills a game if not please do not message me to join the team 👌🏽

MothsDoubles (Global)-00Message

like a moth to a lamp

Maggie Lindemann 👅Doubles (Global)-00Message


ITFDoubles (Global)1022nd34Message


ERADICATEDoubles (Global)178th42Message


Duo'sDoubles (Global)-00Message

We don't always do tornaments but just add mee Annone_ and we will practice for them.

Default boyzDoubles (Global)-00Message

Recruiting al defaulty boyz it’s a default takeover

DarkBombersDoubles (Global)-00Message

If you would like to join message me on Instagram @DarkBomberFortnite

ClawinqDoubles (Global)46th140Message


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