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Rainbow Six: Siege Doubles (Global) Ladder Team

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Match Results

Ranked: Unranked Record: 10 - 2 Team XP: +12
Ranked: Unranked Record: 2 - 3 Team XP: -12
Match Roster
+6.83 XP
+6.83 XP
Match Roster
-6.83 XP

Match Details

Status: Completed
Premium Match
Match ID:58380315
Date & Time:Tue 8 Nov 2016, 3:30 PM EST
Games (Best of...):1
Match TypeRanked
Match Resolution:Support Specialist
Death Replay:Off
Nitro Cells:Allowed
Attacker Shields:Not Allowed
Game 1 Map:Hereford Base - TDM - Secure the Area
Match Rules